We have to purchase an earthquake insurance for our homes

We have to purchase an earthquake insurance for our homes

20 Temmuz 2017 Perşembe 01:40
We have to purchase an earthquake insurance for our homes


A training program against natural disasters was held by AFAD at the Research Hospital of Kocaeli University. The program included Prof. Dr. Nuh Zafer Canturk, Chief Physician of Kocaeli University, Asst. Dr. Yunus Tas, Chief Director of the Hospital, the executives of the hospital, Selim Bicer, Branch Manager of AFAD, Alper Sen, Control Operator and spokesperson, and the search and rescue team.

We are living on a seismic zone” said Prof. Dr. Nuh Zafer Canturk, Chief Physician of Kocaeli University, during his opening speech. “Therefore, these training programs are of utmost importance for all of us. As healthcare providers, we need to know what to do in case of an earthquake and all my personnel must be ready for an earthquake. Of course, we will also be conducting drills in the close future” ha added and thanked the authorized persons of AFAD.

Having conducted the training program on behalf of AFAD, Alper Sen noted that natural disasters (earthquake, flood, avalanche, landslide, fire) are common in our country and addressed earthquake as they are living and working on a seismic zone. “What should we do in case of an earthquake? We need to develop a family and emergency plan. Because we don’t know where and when the earthquake will hit and we will not have the time to think it over when it hits; we might lose contact with our family members. The family and emergency plan must include records of family information, any family member living in or outside of the city must be contacted by all the family members, an emergency bag must be prepared and this bag must be checked every 6 months for expiration dates of its content, and clothing for the season must be available in the bag. Copies of important documents such as passport, ID card, land title, insurance, blood type, list of medications we use (hypertension, diabetes, cardiac, etc.) must be readily available in the bag. We have to purchase an earthquake insurance for our homes. Because our homes may collapse. When we buy an apartment we would acquire a building license, residential usage license, ground survey must have been conducted, and construction audit firm has investigated the construction. And the audit firm would report on the earthquake resistance of the building. My colleagues told me that however it is unlikely an earthquake to hit Izmit, an earthquake with a magnitude 7 or higher occurring in Istanbul would lead to large damage in Izmit. Therefore, we need to wait for it with awareness having received the necessary training. We want to have AFAD volunteers, as the first 72 hours after an earthquake strikes is critical. Search and rescue efforts, transportation of the wounded to the hospital and evacuation of the hospital, if necessary, require a trained team. As you may know, we have disabled colleagues, and each one us must be responsible for these colleagues,” he added. He concluded his speech emphasizing that similar programs and trainings will be continued. Mr. Sen thanked the employees of Kocaeli University at the end of his speech.

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