AXA Sigorta initiated İyi Bir Gün events with their Values Partner Altınordu F.C.


Cenk & Erdem met Altınordu football players for “İyi Bir Gün” events

AXA Sigorta initiated İyi Bir Gün events with their Values Partner Altınordu F.C.

AXA Sigorta started “İyi Bir Gün” events aiming at telling the values of life with famous names in their fields with Altınordu Football Club, its “Values Partner” under the roof of Altınordu with the values of the club. As the first event, famous radio programmers Cenk Erdem and Erdem Uygan living a day like famous football players as the guests of the club shared the importance of communication with young sportsmen in their workshop. 

AXA Sigorta leading insurance sector with its global knowledge and innovative perspective carried out “İyi Bir Gün” event series with the cooperation of Altınordu Football Club, its “Values Partner”. Famous names are telling contributions of working in accordance with specific values to the success and learning values of the club living a day like an Altınordu sportsman under the event where successful and leading names of their fields meet sportsmen and trainers of Altınordu. 

Cenk Erdem and Erdem Uygan, famous radio programmers attended the first event of İyi Bir Gün series as guests. Having an enjoyable day with their pleasing perspectives, different approaches to different topics and their entertaining conversations Cenk Erdem and Erdem Uygan had a fun-based experience which was presented to the audience with AXA Sigorta in digital media. They start the day with a meeting in the coach room then visit the facilities. They had a training with the talented Altınordu football players and learn what kind of a nutritional diet a footballer should have from Altınordu nutrition expert.  They explain Altınordu football players how to use pass machine with their own style after trying the machine. Famous radio programmers speaking to different generations, share how they create a common language with their workshop and the importance of communication with young athletes.

Reminding that they are proud to support a club at the age of Republic as a 127-year-old company AXA Sigorta Sales and Marketing Director and Executive Committee Member Firuzan İşcan said that “As a company working in the light of its values with the awareness of the responsibilities coming from our global power, we signed a “Values Partnership” with Altınordu at the beginning of the year. Within this cooperation that we see as more than just a financial cooperation, we fulfil our responsibilities to ensure that the values of Altınordu as to raise a “Good Individual, Good Citizen, Good Footballer” are transferred to the future generations and the efforts of this successful club are more visible. I believe that our “İyi Bir Gün” events that we carried within this scope and supported by many famous names will contribute significantly to these goals. 

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