Groupama received an award for its website

Groupama Sigorta, one of the most significant actors in the insurance sector, receivedan award for its new website. Groupama's new website won a bronze award in theworld prestigious award program Horizon Interactive Awards.

Groupama received an award for its website

Havinga successful year with its insurance operations, Groupama Sigorta is honouredfor the Horizon Interactive Awards being one of the most prestigious digitalproject awards of the world. Groupama received a bronze award in the “Bankingand Finance” sector with its new website.

Groupamahas launched renewed version of its corporate website developed with the modernand technological infrastructure by Gri Creative after an intensive userexperience and design process.

Speakingabout the award of Groupama website, Groupama Sigorta Marketing Director Nilay Gür said, “As Groupama our focus is our customers. Our purpose is to maketheir life easier and to complete insurance operations in the shortest time. Inthis sense, we are really pleased for the award of our website renewed lastyear. Our aim is to get new awards with our customer-oriented activities.

Onthe new website of Groupama, an informative flow and simple content are highlighted. is designed as mobilecompatible with its modern design in visual identity. It provides service withthe same quality from all access channels.

HorizonInteractive Awards where thousands of participants gathered all around theworld evaluate the best ones each year in accordance with its dynamics. It setsstandards for awarding the best examples of the world in the fields of website,video, online advertising, printed media and mobile applications within thescope of the award program.

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