Güneş Sigorta was in the Receivable Risk and Management Conference

Atilla Benli, General Manager of Güneş Sigorta attended the Conferenceon Receivables Risk and Management held in Istanbul University as a speaker.

Güneş Sigorta was in the Receivable Risk and Management Conference

Speaking at the ReceivablesRisk Management and Management Conference on April 24 in the Faculty of PoliticalSciences of Istanbul University, Atilla Benli General Manager of Güneş Sigorta informed the  participantsabout  the scope, benefits and productstructure of the new product supporting SMEs the State Supported Receivables Insurance.

Noting the importance ofState Supported Trade Receivable Insurance General Manager of Güneş Sigorta Atilla Benli stated that “ As Güneş Sigorta; We are one of the first insurance companies startedselling State Supported Receivable Insurance product in our sector and also regulatingpolicies on its own system. Credit Insurance provides many advantages andconvenience to our SMEs having a very important place in our economy. State Supported Receivable Insurance is an insurance product that guarantees the risk ofnon-payment of debts arising from non-binding sales established by the publicauthority with a pool system. We can guarantee the default in legal cases suchas buyer's bankruptcy, concordatum, liquidation of the buyer with a credit salewith this product.”

Benli stating that theywill continue to support SMEs with innovative and customer focused products,ended his speech as follows: As Güneş Sigorta, we have been offeringinnovative products and services in accordance with the demand and expectationsof our customer since the day of our establishment. We aim to stand with SMEsagainst the harsh economic conditions guaranteeing the risks they may face withone of these products, Receivable Insurance. 

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