HDI Sigorta became a name sponsor of Galatasaray Women’s and Men’s Volleyball teams


HDI Sigorta signed a name sponsor ship agreement with Women’s and Men’s Volleyball teams of Galatasaray one of the leading sports clubs of Turkey.

HDI Sigorta became a name sponsor of Galatasaray Women’s and Men’s Volleyball teams

Sharing his opinion on the agreement Galatasaray Sports Club Chairman Mustafa Cengiz said that "Unfortunately, being a sponsorship ofsports clubs in Turkey or rather financially supporting them and cooperation graduallydecrease. The sponsors are seen as heroes due to the economic conditions we arefacing. That's why we have one hero among us which is HDI Sigorta  Sponsorship activities are the biggest support for us to conduct amateursports. Numbers of the spectators are ridiculous. I wish large companies stop establishingtheir own teams as a biggest solution. We only have 1650 amateur athletes andwe have to support the character, capacity and development of these 1650amateur athletes. This brings us some financial burdens. It is not possible to overcomethese burdens alone. I would like to thank HDI Sigorta once again for theirsupport.”

Reminding his support to many sports club in Turkey HDI Sigorta Ceyhan Hancıoğlu stated that"You honoured and motivated us. The hero nickname is not easilyreceived. We're not a hero, but we are moving forward with decisive steps. Youmentioned a very important issue, as I said many times before. It is verydifficult to be a sponsor or find one. We are in such a market that evensponsor escapes from the sponsorship under the economic conditions of ourcountry. As HDI Sigorta, we support Turkish sports and its athletes as our Presidentsaid. We are in many branches. Volleyball is just one of them. As HDI Sigorta we have been with Galatasaray Club for 10 years. This is our tenth signature. Along-term stable cooperation with such big companies is really valuable.Therefore, I would like to thank Galatasaray Sports Club for giving us theopportunity of this tenth signature in name of my President.”

Emphasizing that being together with major brands interms of sponsorship makes a great contribution to the brand awareness of HDI Sigorta Hancıoğlu said that “As HDI Sigorta we support Turkish sport and itsathletes. All the managers since the beginning in Galatasaray Club, the oldadministrations and especially Okan Bey and our President in thisadministration have shown a great interest. They’ve supported us. I think wedid a very good job in terms of club. Amateur branches are very valuable. Ithink we should support them. We supported only Galatasaray Women's Volleyballteam in the conditions of the last term. In today’s conditions, we have thechance of supporting both teams doubling the cost of the last term. I wish itwould be fruitful for both parties.”

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