“Insurance Week” Message from İSAD (İstanbul Insurance Agencies Association) Honorary President Turusan Bağcı

ISAD Honorary President Turusan Bağcı celebrated the “Insurance Week” held in the last week of every May with various events to introduce insurance and raise insurance awareness throughout the country.

“Insurance Week” Message from İSAD (İstanbul Insurance Agencies Association) Honorary President Turusan Bağcı

Bağcı said that:

“One of the major shortcomings in our country is the lack of insurance introduction and insurance awareness of people. One of the most important factors for development level of the country, strong economy and safe future is the insurance. 

All assets in the private sector making millions are required to be insured. On the other hand, insurance assigns social peace and happiness. 

Increases in natural disasters and advanced technological developments bring many new risks along with them. Serious actions have been made to introduce insurance, analyse risks accurately and issue the right insurance policy especially by agencies and various activities and events are organized in this subject. 

In our country, recognition of the insurance is very low. Regular studies should be conducted, and awareness should be raised without discouraging accordingly. As ISAD, we have been conducting activities in this subject for many years. We sustained our Insurance Week march that we organized in previous years with insurance concerts, panel, seminar, training and various studies, intense television programs and printed media news. We have been continuing to introduce insurance and agency to Turkish people and raise insurance awareness among the youth and consumers using national printed and visual media effectively and we continue to do so. We tried to raise the awareness of large masses correctly by being on evening news and various television programs 84 times just since last May and we will continue our actions. In addition, we carry out these introductions and awareness raising both in printed and visual media. 

I would like to celebrate Insurance Week of all business world and labourers and employees working in this sector especially insurance agencies and would like to express my sincere wishes.”  

Translated by Çevirimvar Professional Translation Agency.

Source: http://turkishinsurancenews.com/%20Agency/insurance-week-message-from-isad-istanbul-insurance-agencies-association-honorary-president-turusan-bagci-36