NN Agencies took the lead

NN Hayat Emeklilik launched Agency Loyalty and Promotion Program called “Tops” topromote loyal agencies and increase sales and customer promotion performance. Programaims both to reward them extending the cooperation with successful and loyalagencies over long periods and to promote their portfolios.

NN Agencies took the lead

NN Hayat Emeklilik launched “Tops” Agency Loyalty and Promotion Program in order to promote loyal agencies and increasesales performance. A long and sustainable partnership based on trust between agencies and NN Hayat Emeklilik is aimed with the program including all agencies and brokers connected to Agency Channel Sales Directorate. Loyalty program including agencies in Everest, Ağrı, and Fuji and Olympos teams in four groups was introduced in the launching with the participation of 38 agencies on12 April in Istanbul.

Loyal and Producing Agencies will berewarded

Evaluating the program Özcan Köseoğlu, NN Hayat Emeklilik Agency Sales Manager, informed about the benefits of the Agency Loyalty Program to agencies: “The Agency Loyalty and Customer Promotion Program including all business partners and aiming along-term collaboration which will enable us to provide better service to our customer is put into practice.”

Emphasizing agencies will be scored onthe following criteria: “Agency Period”, “Life Premium Production”, “Current BES APE Production” and “Fund Size of an Agency” with promotion program ÖzcanKöseoğlu pointed that agencies will be awarded according to those scores.

He stated that Loyalty and Promotion Program will have a dynamic structure, they will develop this structure everyyear with the opinions and suggestions of the agencies and they will transformit into a different structure than the current applications in sector.

Source: http://turkishinsurancenews.com/insurance/nn-agencies-took-the-lead-24