The Cooperation of ‘Sompo Japan Insurance’ with Pronet…


Sompo Japan Insurance has combined its forces with Pronet, the leader in the sector of security and alarm systems. Sompo Japan Insurance having more than 2 million customers cooperating with Pronet Security Systems, the leader of the security sector with more than 1 million users continues to provide added value to its customers and agencies.

The Cooperation of ‘Sompo Japan Insurance’ with Pronet…

Sompo Japan Insurance meeting the solutions that customers need with the most appropriate products and services combined its forces with Pronet leading Security Company of Turkey to provide better services to its customers and agencies. In the scope of the mutual understanding of acquiring new customers, Sompo Japan Insurance agencies will offer Pronet security services to its customers while Pronet offering Sompo Japan residential goods packages to its customers.

It has been noted that the cooperation between Sompo Japan Insurance separating with its services offered to its customers and always working to reveal the first and Pronet, the pioneer of the security sector is the first in the security sector. 

“We are a brand breaking the ground in insurance sector...” 

Sharing his opinion on cooperation with Pronet,  Sompo Japan Insurance Sales and Marketing Deputy General Manager Özer Şimşek said that: I am happy to have a strategic cooperation with a leading company in the security sector like Pronet in this respect. Combining the forces of both companies will bring important business opportunities in our sector. As Sompo Japan Insurance, we have completed a cooperation process that our agencies and customers can benefit with Pronet. Within the scope of our cooperation, our customers will be able to benefit from the complementary insurance and security services. We are very excited since this is the first strategic partnership project with a company from a different sector of Sompo Japan Insurance. We will continue to support our agencies and customers with the projects we will manage with various non-sector companies. 

Evaluating the cooperation with Sompo Japan Insurance, Pronet Marketing and Business Development Deputy General Manager Ediz Habip said that: “We continue our leadership in the sector with our innovative security solutions as Pronet. I believe that the cooperation with Sompo Japan Insurance maintaining the rising success rate in the insurance sector will be an important step taken for the future of both insurance and electronic security sector. This non-sector cooperation is very significant for both companies. We will offer serious advantages to the end users thanks to the strategic cooperation aiming to gain new customers focusing on the security of our customers.” 

Translated by Çevirimvar Professional Translation Agency

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