"We know the problems and needs of this country”


Speaking at a meeting held in a hotel in Mardin, Quick Sigorta General Manager and Insurance Practitioners Association Board Member Ahmet Yaşar stated that as Quick Sigorta, they started to develop financial insurance products to findsolutions and create alternatives to economical problems.

"We know the problems and needs of this country”

Statingthat they organize seminars each week in different provinces of Anatolia Yaşarnoted that “Mardin became a shining star in the world with its economy and itshistorical texture. The changes in the region also affected the insuranceagencies in the region positively. We gather with agents and business people inMardin to inform them about the new bail system. "

"Weknow the problems and needs of this country."

Notingthat they informed the participants about receivables insurance, credit bailinsurance, professional indemnity insurances Yaşar said: “We have been visitingprovinces twice per week. We had our second visit to Mardin this week. Mardinis a shining star for us. I have been to Mardin three years ago. Now I can seethe difference physically. Mardin is an important city both economically andsocially for the region. Quick  Sigorta Company has 40-45 years of leaderspirit agency experience with professional service and it consists ofleader-spirited managers. Therefore we know and closely follow the problems andneeds of this county.”

"Wereleased the bail insurance product to the market"

Statingthat as Quick  Sigorta they started to develop financial insurance products inorder to find solutions and create alternatives for the financial problems Yaşarcontinued as follows:

"Weplaced the bail insurance product on the market. Now we are here to inform ourregional agencies and business people in Mardin about bail insurance products thatmay be the alternative of bank bail letters. Bail insurances actually have thesame characteristics as the bank letters of guarantee. Banks may use theircredit limits in two ways. The first one is letter of guarantee and the secondone is a cash loan. When a tradesman or trader uses his letter of guaranteefrom the bank, he is accepted as he used his limit. There fore, as a Quick Sigorta we will try to create a leverage effect on the economy. We gave bailbonds to the market instead of letter of guarantee. The community broughtadjustments to this issue and brought a legal regulation making bail bondsequal to letters of guarantee. When you look at any public procurement commission,you see the example cases. Public institutions accept these letters in their tenders.Contribution to the economy is the use of these letters upon receiving from us insteadof a bank. When we provide these letters, the limits of the businesspeople inthe bank remain as zero. Our businesspeople use cash loans and new enterprises,or workshops can be established for new employment opportunities. New businesses contribute new gains to the economy. "We leverage the economywith the Quick insurance bail system."


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